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Call Donald (07062764235) for the best quality roofing sheet...we supply the best you can ever think off.we are simply reliable and on point and what makes us unique is that our supplies have both quality and affordability, meaning we give you the best quality at the best price you can ever think off. we supply our bond at a good rate of 2400 per square meter and our shingles goes for 2500 per square meter.. we also have reliable installers that install at the best price ever...they install at the rate of 200 per square meter and our jobs are very very clean and perfect without leakages,,, Just try us and you would definitely be convinced that we are the best professionals that can handle your roof and give you the best results 10 Reasons why you should call Docherich for the best Korea stone coated step tile roofing sheet... 1 Docherich supplies his bond stone coated roofing sheet at a very affordable rate of =N= 2400 per square meter... The material has a touch of quality and affordability in price... So why spend so much on purchasing coated roof tile when u can get it at an affordable rate and yet the material would last as long as possible 2 Docherich would tell you how to differentiate the original stone coated step tile roofing sheet from the fake. 3 Docherich takes time to explain in details about the particular type of stone coated step tile roofing sheet you want... He break it down so that even a baby can understand the facts about coated roofing sheet. 4 Docherich has the most reliable installers you can ever think of. they are very accurate and would give your house the perfect it look it needs..and they install at a flat rate of =N=200 per square meter. 5 Docherich always have enough materials to supply at any given time.. He never runs out of stock.. 6 Docherich would definitely give you the best Korea stone coated step tile roofing sheet you can ever think of..Very original and durable. 7 Docherich accessories are very affordable and durable.......such as the ridge cap, side cap, facial cover, bash board, nails, repair kit or sealant, 8 Docherich can deliver your product to any place within Nigeria at an affordable rate.. we supply everywhere and anywhere.... we have reliable transporters that can do that for us 9 Docherich original shingle goes for 2500 per square meter..... has a combination of both black and white in on roof. 10 Docherich is understands their clients and treat them specially.. If you doubt me, Then call me now....................07062764235 or 08144262260 For more detailed information, contact mr donald no 07062764235 Location : ajah by Ogido busstop sangotedo Greetings to all prospective property owners, builders, Engineers, Architects, etc Are you looking for where you can get best quality stone coated roofing sheet at good prices and yet with complete rest of mind? If yes, look no further, Docherich Nigeria Limited, Lagos is the answer. For your top-notch stone coated roofing sheet at warehouse prices call Mr.Donald now on 07062764235 or 08144262260 Mobile no = 07062764235/08144262260 Facebook = donald daniel uche google plus = Facebook page = Blog site = video = (, ( ( email = & skype id = docherichnigltd
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